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Tips For A Healthier Lips During Winter

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Lips are having a major moment in pop culture.

Not long ago, a lip kit was a vague, rarely used term. But now it’s the hot beauty product selling out instantly, or faster. Before any kits, sticks, or glosses are used, it’s important to start with healthy hydrated lips as a foundation. We wanted to know more about what ingredients are in lip products and how to care for pouts through the winter months. Using specific products designed to treat the unique concerns of the lip area are essential for everyone concerned with maintaining a youthful appearance. The repetitive movement of the lips causes the development of fine lines to appear around the mouth and during winter, it’s best that we maintain healthiness of our lips. Read more below to check out tips how to beat cracked lips during winter.

1. Quality Lip Balm


Invest in a quality lip balm to protect your lips when you’re out and about. Our favourite is without a doubt Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, which you can get either unscented or with a lovely cranberry, mint or pear fragrance for £9.50, and a little goes a long way.

2. Lip Treatment


At night, apply a lip treatment – Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair has earned itself something of a cult following. While lip balms protect your pout, emollient creams soak into your lips, nourishing the skin as opposed to just providing a barrier. The Elizabeth Arden cream comes in at £20, and used eight minerals and nutrients to replenish lips overnight.

3. Lip Scrub

lush scrub

We like to do this step just before bed, before applying a lip treatment. A lip scrub does exactly the same as any other scrub – it buffs away dead skin leaving lips more soft, smooth and even. Applying a balm or treatment to lips with rough, dead skin will have little to no effect, since the product will just sit on that layer, rather than getting underneath to where it needs to be. Lush sell a super affordable scrub in Popcorn, Mint Julep and Bubblegum flavours for just £5.50, and all of their products are made from natural ingredients.

Keep watch of your precious lips! Let us know what you think and share this to your friends!

Via: How To Beat Cracked Winter Lips
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