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3 Hours Of Some Of The Most Relaxing Music And Water Sound Meditation

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VIDEOThe Beautiful Sound Of Relaxation And Energy – Wellness and Alternative Medicine

Music is the key to a thousand emotions. There is no denying the effectiveness of music, so let’s listen to this wonderful 3 hours relaxing music with water sounds meditation to affect our own emotions and enhance our personal environment.

Relaxing music or relaxation music can be of your used to relieve stress, unwind after a hard day at work and promote good sleep or as a focus of concentration during yoga or meditation. The HonestGuys write and created this high quality Guided Meditations videos that are freely viewable on YouTube.

Which meditations begun with one purpose and that is simply to try and help people. Every meditation they produced has a genuine care and love for those people who use them. Not only that, they too, needed the kind of help their meditations are trying to offer others. Scroll down below and keep this meditations suitable for yourselves.
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Meditation is becoming mainstream and no longer considered something that is practiced by people of Eastern religions or western ‘New Agers.’  Its benefits are being scientifically tested, and it is now recognised as a tool to help deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia and negativity. It can also enhance empathy and act as a creativity booster.


What Happens When You Meditate?

Our mind is busy with thoughts all the time: work, bills and money, health, family, relationships, friends, what we said to some-one, what they said to us. We chew on the the gristle of worry, on what was, what might happen in the future. It is like watching a speeded up film of a busy intersection. Thoughts fly in and out, some stop, some rush by. We are accustomed to this. To us it is part of life and living.


Meditating brings us to an altered state of consciousness. Our mind is alert, but relaxed, our racing thoughts quieten. We see more clearly. Our mind and body come into harmony and we come close to our own, often ignored, intuition and inner wisdom.

Source The Honest Guys

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Special Thanks To TheHonestGuys For Posting This Video.

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