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A “BLOODY” Facelift

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Vampire facial or own blood Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, also known as a VAMPIRE FACELIFT is a new procedure and now very popular. Even Kim Kardashian tried it and swear for the good results.

Learn more about this new trend by reading the article below.


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —Supernatural… or completely natural?

Just as vampires seek out blood for eternal youth, some people are using it as a beauty booster in a new cosmetic treatment that is said to keep skin looking youthful.

The “vampire” facial, already hot on the celebrity circuit, uses properties from a patient’s own blood to restore youth and beauty.

According to local plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Wells, blood from the patient is processed to extract all the platelets and growth factors.

“We’re just going to be taking a little bit of blood, and then we’re going to process that blood to get the platelets and all their wonderful growth factors,” Wells said.

A vial of blood is placed in a centrifuge. The red cells settle to the bottom, plasma rises to the top and nutrient rich platelets are in the middle.

Using micro needles, the rich platelets and plasma are then inserted into the facial tissue. The impact of the needles create tiny injuries, serving as a catalyst for the platelets to work their magic.

“Platelets are the first responders at the scene of an injury,” Wells said. “Platelets release their growth factors — which are other chemicals that help to really direct the initial phases of the healing response.”

The goal of the procedure is to stimulate collagen production, a key factor for diminishing wrinkles and improving the quality of your skin.

Kathy Nicolette had the procedure several times and says she’s thrilled with the results.

“I like the thought of using and regenerating my own, what’s in my body already to nourish my skin,” Nicolette said.

Doctors say the procedure can last from six months to a year, but be prepared for a pretty price tag — first-time treatments typically cost around $1,300.

“The remarkable think about patients who are undergoing these types of procedures is how truly natural they look and how they really look like they did years ago,” Wells said.

Source CBSLocal

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