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Got Diabetes? Try these alternative medicines!

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Alternative Medicines do work!

Do you know someone who has diabetes? A parent, sibling, partners or any relative or friends who had one? If you do, then you must know how hard it is to have it. Aside from the long term effects it’ll bring you, the maintenance you’ll be doing for the rest of your life once you had it would be really expensive. Each medicine you’ll buy for maintaining your sugar levels really cost a lot. For those who want to cut the budget and experience same effects, then try these alternative medicines for diabetes!

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1. Colocynth or Bitter apple:

Colocynth is fruit of a plant, Citrullus colocynthis. Studies have shownthe amazing effects of colocynth in Diabetic patients. Applying colocynth fruit topically on hands and feet in children reduces sugar level and transfers bitter taste to tongue. Taking its powder seeds of 200 grams is really helpful for controlling sugar level for consistent results. The most significant effect of colocynth is for patients who get nerve damaging and painful results due to diabetes. Topical application of colocynths extracts really helps to relive pain and making nerves strong. Precaution: It is highly discouraged and not recommended for women to take it during pregnancy and people having stomach allergies.

2. Black plum, Jambul, Jamun (Syzygium cumini):

Also known as jambul, jamun, indian blackberry and not to be confused with the the Canadian Plum (Prunus nigra). In fruits that are most suitable for diabetic patients, this is the best one. Using 1 teaspoon the seeds of jamun in powdered on regular basis has shown consistent drop in blood sugar levels. In herbal treatments for diabetes, medicines are mostly containing jamun seed’s powder. The recommended dosage is 50 grams powder of jamun seeds.

Gymnema - Best alternative medicines for diabetes3.Gymnema:

Gymnema is among  the most recommended alternative medicines for diabetes and aptly named as “sugar destroyer”. Gymnema are leaves that are obtained from plant, Gymnema sylvestre.  It really helps the body by metabolizing carbohydrates fast by boosting insulin production in the pancreas. The extracts of Gymnem is powder obtained from dried leaves of Gymnema. Normal dosage should be 100-200 mgs of powder daily.



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