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Oregano Benefits

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Oregano has many benefits!

Ever heard of the plant oregano? If you are residing along Asia, chances you’ll be seeing this plant on a neighbor’s house. Do you have any idea that this weird smelling plant is one of the greatest plants ever given to us by God? Oregano oil is the ultimate antibiotic. Oregano is a powerful herb with unique healing properties. Did you know that oregano has eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times as much as blueberries? It has many benefits other than the ones mentioned earlier.

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Oregano Oil is The Ultimate Antibiotic

Main Ingredients Oregano Essential Oil is a mineral density powerhouse. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamins C, A (beta-carotene), Niacin.

Oregano Oil Contains Four Main Groups of Chemicals Which are Active Healing Agents

Phenols including carvacrol and thymol. They act as antiseptics and antioxidants. Terpenes including pinene and terpinene. They possess antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Linalool and bonreol are two long-chain alcohols found in oregano oil.

They exhibit antiviral and antiseptic properties. Esters include linalyl acetate and geranyl acetate. They exhibit antifungal properties. Although all these compounds possess healing properties, the most significant primary compound found in oregano oil is carvacrol. Scientific research has proved carvacrol to be one of the most effective antibiotics known to science.

Not All Oregano Oil is Created Equal

Real wild Mediteranean Oregano needs to be either of origanum vulgare kind, or Thymus capitatus, which mostly grows in Spain. It is very important to make sure the Oil of Oregano is derived from these two kinds. It also has to have the carvacrol concentration of 70% or more. Most importantly, oregano essential oil does not create harmful strains in the body and does not have side effects the pharmaceutical antibiotics do.

Source Healthyfoodplace

Image source: Healthyfoodplace


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