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SEAWEED for Good Health

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Seaweed may look like slimy, but this green or brown sea vegetable is high in nutritional content and packs with health benefits.

 It might not seem appetizing at first glance, but seaweed is full of anti oxidants and minerals.

Scroll down below to know the health benefits you can get from seaweeds.


There are lots of mysterious hidden in the sea, a wondrous world, beautiful aquatic life. Sea has attracted lots patrons be it for discovering sea routes or the life underwater. It has even attracted the inquisitiveness of nutritionists as well.

Seaweed has been gaining lots of attention as a source of nutrition. These are slimy marine plants which we might have seen on seashores and algae of various species which are in green, red and brown colour. Seaweed is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, E and K,  omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine and lot more. There are numerous health benefits of these treasure from the sea, here are few of them.

Digestive Health: Seaweed is extremely good for the health of our gut. It not only provides our body with essential nutrients also stimulates digestive enzymes which help our body absorb the nutrients.The  laxative effect from seaweed promotes overall digestive health.

Healthy hair: Seaweed has all the minerals which are essential for making our hair strong and shiny also help prevent hair problems.

Detoxes the body: Seaweed contains a compound called alginates which can help our body to flush out harmful toxins and heavy metals such as lead, mercury etc.

Anti-Coagulant: They are blood thinners which prevents the  formation of blood clots in the body, hence cutting down the risk of stroke, heart attacks etc.

Obesity: It has become a global epidemic and leading to several life-threatening diseases. Seaweed has anti-obesity effect as it contains a compound called fucoxanthin which reduces the accumulation of fat in the body  and promotes weight loss. This can be a viable solution for the problem of obesity.

Rich in Iodine: A large proportion of the population in developing countries are iodine deficient and it results in Goitre, thyroid and certain mental disabilities. Iodine is a necessary component for the growth and development of our body. Seaweed is a rich source of Iodine as it absorbs it from sea water. It can be added to the diet to treat iodine deficiency.

Anti-Diabetic: Seaweed such as kombu or brown algae contains fucoxanthin which has an anti- diabetic effect and can help manage sugar level and promote the production of insulin in the body.

Cancer: Many research studies suggest that presence of certain components such as glycoprotein and sulphated polysaccharides can help prevent several types of cancer.

Oral health: Seaweed is said to prevent dental cavities, boosts the functioning of salivary glands and is considered good for overall dental health.

Some of the edible varieties of seaweed are kelp, wakame, kombu, nori, spirulina etc. Traditionally seaweed has been used in Japan, China, Korea and because of its numerous benefits slowly it is gaining momentum and is been commercially cultivated, it might become a part of global cuisine one day.

Caution: Consumption in excess many leads to Iodine overdose and breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should consult an expert before including it in the diet.

Source LifeView

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