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What do your bruises mean?

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It’s very important to know this.

It’s very confusing that sometimes we get these bruises without knowing where we got them. You’ll just know when you touched the part of your body and it hurt you a bit. But, do you know that bruises have meanings, too? They differ in color and how big they are, so definitely, there are different reasons for why we got them. There are bruises that are red, a bit black, purple, blue, green, etc. It is important to know the reasons why we got them and just to make sure that it’s not a bother to our health. Read this very important article for you.

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We all get them, but why?

Whenever you bump, scrape, or fall, small blood vessels break and the blood leaks into the soft tissue beneath the skin, according to Medline Plus. The bruise can become black and blue, changing in color as the body reabsorbs the blood and heals.

It’s not usually just a bit black.

Swelling and pain usually come along with the bruise. A lump over the injury can also occur from pools of blood collecting under the damaged tissue.

But not all bruises are equal. One can be much more serious than the other. So take a look at your bruise and follow along to make sure you’re treating your bruise with the love and care it needs. But if you’re concerned, the best advice is always to consult your doctor.

The Red Bruise

Just like it’s description, this raspberry colored bruise usually pops up as a red blob during the first stages of the injury. The bright red happens because of the high iron and oxygen content in the blood.


They won’t be there for long.

If the red stage is the peak of your injury, your bruise isn’t going to last long. There weren’t too many blood vessels broken, so your bruise should heal relatively quickly. But this bruise is just the tip of the bruised ice berg.


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